A Taste of

Topological Data Analysis (TDA)

(Shape Reconstruction)
Dr. Sushovan Majhi
School of Information, UCB
September 30, 2021

Slides: smajhi.com/21-fa-hunter


Carola Wenk
Tulane University
(PhD adviser)

Brittany Fasy
Montana State U

Jeff Vitter,
U of Mississippi

Md. Nurujjaman
National Institute of Technology

Erin Chambers
St. Louis University

Liz Munch
Michigan State U

The Manifesto

  • Introduction to TDA
  • The Reconstruction Problem
  • Vietoris-Rips Complex
  • A Possible Solution
  • Opportunities in TDA
  • Questions

Topological Data Analysis (TDA)

  • Computational Topology
    > algorithmcally compute various topological invariants, e.g., homology groups, Betti numbers, Euler characteristic, etc
  • Applied Topology
    > apply topological ideas in sensor network, motion planning in robotics, configuration spaces etc
  • TDA
    > learning from big data, (stratified) manifold learning, shape reconstruction and comparison, and so much more...

Shape Reconstruction


Smooth Manifolds (the good ones)

Our shapes of interest (the ugly ones)

Geodesic Spaces

For any two points $x,y\in X\subseteq\mathbb{R}^N$, there exists a geodesic or shortest path.
For a geodesic space $X\subseteq\mathbb{R}^N$, the distortion $$\delta=\sup_{x\neq y}\frac{\color{red}{d_L(x,y)}}{\color{blue}{\|x-y\|}}.$$
For a geodesic space $X\subseteq\mathbb{R}^N$, the convexity radius $\rho$ is the half of the (ant) distance between a pair of furthest points $x,y\in X$ that have a unique geodesic. For a unit length circle, its convexity radius is one quarter.

The Reconstruction Problem

Noisy Sample (www.smajhi.com/shape-reconstruction)

Sample from $S^1\vee S^1$ (www.smajhi.com/shape-reconstruction)

GPS Traces Berlin (www.mapconstruction.org)

Reconstructed Map or Road-Network (www.mapconstruction.org)

Problem Statement

  • Let $X$ be a hidden geodesic subset of $\mathbb{R}^N$
  • We have a sample or a point-cloud $(S,\|\cdot\|)$
  • $S$ is reasonably dense around $X$.
Q: Can we infer the toplogy of $X$ from $S$? What does inference even mean in such a reconstruction context?
  • Compute $H_*(X)$ and/or $\pi_*(X,b)$ from $S$
  • Construct $\widetilde{X}$ homotopy equivalent to $X$
  • $\widetilde{X}$ has a geometrically-close embedding in $\mathbb{R}^N$

Density via Hausdorff Distance

Hausdorff distance $d_H(A,B)$ is
$\max\{$ $a$, $b$ $\}=$ $b$

If $d_H(A,B) <\varepsilon$, then
> each point $a\in A$ has a point $b\in B$ with $||a-b|| <\varepsilon$, and
> each point $b\in B$ has a point $a\in A$ with $||a-b|| <\varepsilon$.

Vietoris-Rips Complex

For a metric space $(M,d_M)$ and scale $\varepsilon>0$, each subset $A$ of size $k$ with $diam_d(A)\leq\epsilon$ is a $(k-1)$-simplex of the Vietoris-Rips complex $VR_\varepsilon(M)$.
Let $X$ be a smooth sub-manifold. If $\epsilon>0$ is small and $d_H(X,S)$ is also small, then the Vietoris-Rips complex $VR_\varepsilon(S)$ is homotopy equivalent to $X$.

Geodesic Spaces

small $\epsilon$ + dense sample trick
does not work

Our Approach

  • $X\subseteq\mathbb{R}^N$ is a geodesic subspace $(X,d_L)$
  • Distortion $\delta$ is finite
  • Convexity radius $\rho$ is positive
  • $d_H(X,S)$ is small

Topological Reconstruction

If $d_H(X,S) <\epsilon<\frac{\rho}{2\delta(3\delta+1)}$, the image $$Im(j_*)\simeq\pi_*(X),$$ where $j:\mathcal{VR}_{\epsilon}(S)\to\mathcal{R}_{\frac{1}{2}(3\delta+1)\epsilon}(S)$.

Geometric Reconstruction

If $d_H(G,S) <\epsilon<\frac{\rho}{2\delta(3\delta+1)}$, we can output $\widetilde{X}$ such that $$\widetilde{X}\simeq G,$$ and $d_H(G,\widetilde{X})$ is small.

Remarks on Reconstruction

  • Our geometric reconstruction works for planar graphs. Spatial graphs? My very recent work!
  • Geometric reconstruction of higher-dimensional objects, like embedded simplicial complexes.
  • Incorporate statistical treatments.
  • The visualization tool is available as a webapp (github.com/sushovan4/shape-reconstruction). Need volunteers to extend it.


  • Companies like Ayasdi are hiring topological data scientists and interns
  • Open-source projects in TDA: Gudhi (C++), Scikit-tda (Python), tdajs (Typescript/JS)
  • Graduate schools like OSU, Michigan S, Duke, Montana State, Tulane have TDA grants/projects
  • I also have some cool problems and projects (theory and application)


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