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| গবেষণা

My research primarily revolves around the interface of mathematics and computer science. More specifically, my research is motivated by theoretical problems arising in topological data analysis (TDA), computational and applied algebraic topology, and computational geometry. I am also interested to solve real-life problems using tools from algebraic topology and geometry. My research interest also extends to applying TDA to other fields of science and developing computational libraries and software.

| Teaching

Download my TEACHING STATEMENT here. List of some of the courses I taught:

| Talks and Presentations

I had been a big fan of Beamer for quite some time. Who wouldn't be when it comes to presenting slides full of math symbols? Although the math looked fancy and the audience was happy, the $\LaTeX$-based framework had also disappointed me quite often. I found the framework too restrictive to customize; my slides looked exactly like others'!

Features, that were lacking in Beamer during the time I broke up with it, were shining in RevealJS. Since then, I have been using it, customizing it, and relishing it.

List of my talks and presentations:

Shape Comparison and Gromov-Hausdorff Distance
January 21, 2020 | Tulane University

The Gromov-Hausdorff distance between any two metric spaces was first introduced by M. Gromov in the context of Riemannian manifolds. This distance measure has recently received an increasing attention from researchers in the field of topological data analysis. In applications, shapes are modeled as abstract metric spaces, and the Gromov-Hausdorff distance has been shown to provide a robust and natural framework for shape comparison. In this talk, we will introduce the notion and address the difficulties in computing the distance between two Euclidean point-clouds. In the light of our recent findings, we will also describe an O(n log n)-time approximation algorithm for Gromov-Hausdorff distance on the real line with an approximation factor of $5/4$.

Shape Reconstruction
August 08, 2019 | Tulane University

Most of the modern technologies at our service rely on 'shapes' in some way or other. Be it the Google Maps showing you the fastest route to your destination eluding a crash or the 3D printer on your desk creating an exact replica of a relic; shapes are being repeatedly sampled, reconstructed, and compared by intelligent machines. With the advent of modern sampling technologies, shape reconstruction and comparison techniques have matured profoundly over the last decade.

Computational Complexity
April 16, 2016 | Graduate Colloquium, Tulane University

The Mathematical Mechanic
September 08, 2015 | Graduate Colloquium, Tulane University

Music, Machine, and Mathematics
March 24, 2015 | Tulane University


| Software
Software Projects

I am a coding hobbyist. I enjoy solving online coding challenges. Although Java is my favorite programming language, I also code in JavaScript, Ruby. I develop softwares both for academia and industry. Some of them are listed here.

Avimukh is a Bengali website for poets, writers, and bloggers. I designed its backend in Ruby on Rails framework. The web-app is hosted on Heroku.


To complement my research, I implemented my topological reconstruction algorithm for planar metric graphs in this library. The library is written in JavaScript and made available to users as a web-app.